“Here is what Alex has to say”

Alex Kemp, USA


“Here is what Shani has to say”

Shani, Sweden

Taísa S.

Montreal, QC

Working with Nana is a life-changing journey, and I am very blessed to have started a few months ago. I have been amazed by her kindness, open-heart, presence, and healing wisdom. Nana holds space with compassion and vulnerability and helped me get clarity about very important aspects of my life.

Prior to working with Nana I was having a hard time making some decisions about priorities and what actions I should take and I didn’t know to connect with my emotions in a healthy way. I now see other parts of myself with kindness, love and patience. I also feel that I am embracing myself and letting go of excessive judgement.

I am feeling more whole, more aligned, more in peace, more in love with myself. I feel proud of myself for doing this inner work, I feel that am so worthy of love and happiness.

I have done many years of therapy throughout my lifetime, and I’ll say none more effective than the time I’ve had with Nana. I’m listening to my voice, which I haven’t heard for many years.


Prior to working with Nana, I was filled with anxiety, self-doubt and negativity.  I was trapped in my own negative self-talk and easily affected by the world around me.  I didn’t have much self love or boundaries. Nana is teaching me different techniques to quiet my mind so that I can discover and listen to my voice. I am changing old thought patterns and creating new sustainable ones.


I learned how to step outside myself and observe my feelings without judgement.  I learned to accept the things that I can control and let go of the things that I cannot.  I have learned how to nurture and love myself. I am no longer confined by my own thoughts and I am open to exploring the life I want to live.


Nana has an intuitive approach where she is able to give guidance and share insights that allows me to do the self exploration. She has been a catalyst for my growth. I’m just so grateful.

Georgia C.

Chicago, IL


Montreal, QC

I’ve done some coaching before, but this is very different. It’s as if I would enter a bubble and I would all of a sudden have access to all these things within myself and it so helped me to understand myself better, and make a decision that felt like it was truly coming from myself.

You are so much more than a coach. You truly connected with my energy during our session  and I gained tremendous clarity. The realizations continued to occur following our session and I felt that something surreal happened during our interaction. You help people see, feel and learn about their own powers. I can’t believe what an impact one session had and I am so excited about working more with you.


Barrie, ON

Martine D.

Montreal, QC

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this experience. I would like to say thank you for your time and generosity but mostly your openness to help others. You took me as I was and welcomed me. You showed me that it’s not about being perfect or mastering meditation but accepting the process as it comes. Your generosity and kindness are powerful, thank you for helping me in my spiritual journey. You’ve helped me understand that taking care of my spirit is as important as physical health. You can’t separate the two if you want to be aligned.
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