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Hello beloveds, 


If you’re receiving this email you’re likely a high-performer and I must say, I LOVE working with you! 

Your commitment, your drive, your desire to be your best in everything you do, how you always play full-out, your discipline and how you don’t cut corners.

You’re a dream to co-create with🙌🏽

But the truth is, one of the main reasons why you’re awesome to work with is because your sense of self-worth is rooted in performance and achievements.

And while this gets you to wonderful places, you must be exhausted AF!

You’ve been likely operating like this since you were a child. I’ll even dare to say that something in your family dynamics had you grow-up faster than your heart desired.

Maybe you had unavailable parents that only saw you when you did something “great”🥇

Maybe you grew up in a busy household and that was your way to fight for attention👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

Maybe you had a troublemaker sibling and the only seat you left for you was the “good-girl/boy” chair 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♂️

Maybe all of the above.

So I come here to say that, as long as your self-worth is rooted in performance, you’ll never be truly F R E E.

And YOU, beloved, deserve to feel free, whole and complete JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE!

No other reason.

And yes, your “bad assness” is so needed and appreciated in the world, you’re such a powerful force.

But don’t let that define you.

You’re worthy of more, so much more!

More Grace

More Love

More Pleasure

More Fun

More Ease

More Flow

More Freedom

If you’re ready to repair and strengthen your relationship with your worth, so you cultivate one that is not conditional on how well you do something or how achieved you are, hit reply to this email. Let’s chat! 

Aho, Axe, Namaste. 

Sending you so much love❤️

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