Lions Gate Portal.., it’s not too late!

Lions Gate Portal

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Some of you may know we just had a massive energetic portal this past Saturday, August 8th, the Lions Gate Portal. It happens every year on the 8th of the 8 when the star Sirius is closest to the Sun, creating a massive inflow of high-frequency energy available to all of us to tap into. These energies are giving us the opportunity to completely shift what has been holding us back, transmute our fears and limiting beliefs and manifest our deepest desires. The portal was most potent on 8/8 but these energies are still available to us, if you haven’t taken advantage of it, there is still time!

You can learn more about the Lions Gate portal from this YouTube video, it’s one of my favourites and offers some practical things you can do to take advantage of this time:

Here are my main take aways from this portal:

  1. It’s an opportunity to activate a higher energetic frequency and upgrade our physical energy.
  2. It’s preparing our physical, emotional and energetic bodies to be with some more collective shake-ups coming up (yup! 2020 ain’t over yet).
  3. It’s a very potent time to let go of all that is not serving us and open space for what it is we really want.

If you haven’t yet, I invite you to create some time to serve yourself with a good dose of energetic upgrade by creating a little ceremony. It doesn’t have to be big or lengthy, 5 minutes will do – just make sure you’re present. Here are something you can do:

  1. Clear your space with Sage
  2. Light up a candle
  3. Connect to your breath. Do 4 rounds of the Box breathing technique (inhale on the count of 4, hold your breath for 4 seconds, exhale on the count of 4 and hold at the bottom for 4 seconds)
  4. Visualize everything you want to invite into your life, connect with the feeling, let it come to life!
  5. Journal. What are you ready to let go of? what no longer serves you? Allow yourself to come from a place of love and compassion instead of judgement. Show yourself gratitude for everything that you have, for every experience you’re been through, for every aspect of yourself that has served you in the past and no longer serves you now. Let it all go.

If you can be in Nature, even better! I’m adding some photos from my ceremony at one of my favourite places, it may inspire you to spend some time with Mama Gaia 😉

Lions Gate Portal

Sending you all so much love,


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