Hi! I’m Nana and it is my deepest desire to see you fully step into your light so, together, we can upgrade our collective consciousness!

Maryam Hasnaa said, “A Healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so you may heal yourself”. This is the first definitition of “healer” I truly connect with. 

I’ve been called a Spiritual Coach, a Healer, a Modern Priestess, and even a Shaman. I’m not a fan o labels and couldn’t care less what you decide to call me. What I truly care about is to see you heal your wounds, get rid of old patterns and programs that keep you out of alignment with your True-Self, and watch you awaken as you reconnect with your inner wisdom, so your Highest-Self can take on the stage of your life!


  • By working through the layers that block us from being our authentic self- the limiting beliefs we adopted at some point that keep us small and “safe”, in the background where no one sees us and where our light can’t shine. 
  • By healing the wounds that led us to needing to protect ourselves with those layers in ths first place. 
  • By fully accepting and loving ourselves for who we are and everything that we are. 
  • Bring bringing ourselves back to who we truly are and anchoring into a new found self, so we can live in fulfillment and shine our light like we were always meant to. 

In her interview with Oprah back in 2013 Calorine Myss said it best: “If you have life, you have purpose. It can’t be otherwise”. We are all deserving of a life of fulfillment, I believe this fulfillment comes when we learn to live free, in full acceptance of ourselves and on purpose. 

You will find here content and tools that have been deeply impactful for me and my clients. I’ll share everything I believe can support you- techniques, learnings, insights and struggles. All in. 

It is my honour to be in this journey with you.

Love and Light,

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