Are you creating your own overwhelm?

Hello beloveds, 


One of the main complaints I hear from my clients is: “There is no time!!” with an exasperated tone and eye balls going left and right as if they were going to find “Mr. Time” in the corner of their eyes. 

And while this is a great excuse to keep them running 1000 miles per hour with very little space to be present for the things that are truly important to them, I just don’t buy it. Sorry, I’m not buying tickets for this show! 

Yesterday I had a client shared she had her biggest week in her business and carried on with all the things she has going on, followed by some scarcity based stories and fear of what’s next. 

Do you see what happened here? 

She sandwiched her incredible accomplishment with scarcity and fear and went straight into her endless to-dos. Here is the thing: 

If you don’t stop to RECEIVE the abundance, expansion, and joy that life is bringing you as a result of your beautiful, intentional and purposeful work, you’ll always be running with a tank half empty

Receiving is an art very few of us have mastered. There are thousands of incredible leaders out there battling with overwhelm because they simply don’t know how to receive, in their business, relationships and love life. 

What does a well done “receiving” look like? 

It looks like time standing still and you soaking up the blessings of that moment. 

In this moment there is no past and no future, there is just the present perfection of the NOW, filling-up our entire body. 

And here is the trick, you don’t need to wait for the biggest week of your business to happen for you to receive. If you can tap into the present perfection of every moment you can receive at any given time. 

It’s always available to you. 

Aho, Axe, Namaste. 

Sending you so much love ❤️

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