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Nana is a liberation and embodiment coach for high-performers who feel disconnected from their pleasure, creativity, flow and thirst for life, and who are seeking to amplify their radiance, lead life from LOVE and BEcome radically FREE.   

As a high-achiever herself who built a life on meeting and surpassing others’ expectations of her, Nana was inspired by her own unexpected challenges and experiences to liberate herself from everything that wasn’t aligned with her and completely redesigned her life.

Coming from a very spiritual family with a strong influence from the Umbanda tradition, an Afro-Brazilian spiritual tradition where plant medicine is a foundational pillar, Nana loves working with the power of nature for healing and manifesting. ⁣

Get ready for a combination of laser intuition, nurturing holding and fierce courage guidance to help you embody your fullest expression, with ease, flow, grace, joy and an immense amount of pleasure. 


BArrie, ON

You are so much more than a coach. You truly connected with my energy during our session  and I gained tremendous clarity. The realizations continued to occur following our session and I felt that something surreal happened during our interaction. You help people see, feel and learn about their own powers. I can’t believe what an impact one session had and I am so excited about working more with you.

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